It wasn’t until nearly ten years after I the the Fortune arena that I noticed the difference in some people’s attitudes when it came to sales.

By the early 90’s I was working with entrepreneurs about 90% of the time. Entrepreneurs are a different breed and one that I came to prefer working with. The entrepreneur knows no limit. They work harder and have more focus than those in corporate sales.

I was running one of Elite Leads meeting when I noticed a man was sitting sideways, arm over the back of his chair and obviously not engaged in the meeting. This caught my attention because he was an entrepreneur.

I made a point to talk with him after the meeting since I was curious, was this the normal way he projected himself or was there something in particular going on with him?

It turned out it was his normal way of projecting himself. I wondered how he had managed to survive with his demeanor?

About three years later, as I was looking down to gather some information, I heard a familiar voice telling a joke. When I looked up I realized it was the same man who had completely transformed his personality in three years.

As soon as I had a chance, I asked him how his business was going. He said it had increased more than 200% in three years. When I asked him what he thought had made the difference he said “my attitude!”

I think there was a lot more to it, but people can read your attitude and your level of enthusiasm for what you do.

What attitude do you project?