I became fascinated with personality recognition techniques in the early 90’s when I was selling travel franchises. I noticed the prospects I was working with had similar patterns.

Some talked slow, some leaned back, some talked fast while others leaned into the conversation. Some used excessive hand gestures and others still weren’t about to move their hands at all. Then there was those who made intense eye contact,  then others who wouldn’t look me in the eyes at all.

I began to make mental note of how there were consistencies and patterns in certain personalities. I had heard about the Chameleon Training techniques where the sales person is to mimic the prospects body language. It is a very effective method of reducing the resistance of a prospect.

I preferred using the personality recognition techniques however. I noticed it was easier to move from the first contact to the close using these techniques and I was able to get to know my prospects easier than I had ever managed before.

The four distinct personalities are:

  • Expressive
  • Amiable
  • Analytical
  • Drivers

When I began learning about these personalities, my favorite was the Amiable because they were closer to my personality. Each personality style has it’s own idiosyncratic characteristics. It’s these characteristics that make it a challenge to be able to sell to each one competently.