I was the last person anyone could ever imagine getting into a sales position! I was shy, afraid of going new places, and country backwards in a big city environment.

Then after two years of travelling all but three weeks I told my boss I had to quit when I woke up in Denver one snowy morning and couldn’t figure out where I was or where I was supposed to be going!

The corporate office suggested I train for a sales position. I didn’t like the idea at all, but my husband thought it was perfect for me and a great learning opportunity.

So, six years later, after being in the top ten nationally out of 300 sales people, I guess he was right. But by then I had become frustrated with the corporate environment and was offered a downsizing opportunity. (LOL)

I stumbled from one job to another for four years before I began to sell travel franchises. Then I learned, quite by accident, how to sell to specific personalities. I ended up my first year closing more franchises than any other sales person internationally! So I bought one of the franchises and discovered how hard it was to sell travel during the Gulf War in ’91.

Through the efforts of some amazing mentors (please get one!), I managed to get involved in the business community and meet people who who change my life and my business.

That was how Elite Leads got started, through their encouragement. And here it is 19 years later and I have realized many successes throughout the years, developed great friends because they became my clients and have been teaching entrepreneurs how to sell more in less time and have more fun than they’ve ever had doing business.

But it was when I took a class in Physiognomy my business ratios began to change drastically. Instead of dialing 20 prospects to get a client, within two years I was dialing eight to get a client. My numbers have stayed consistent for more than ten years.

I started teaching my Elite Leads members in 2000 how to use a combination of Personality Recognition and Physiognomy and their results have been truly amazing. They have increased their revenue from 50 to 1200% within two years. More amazingly, they work half as many hours while achieving these results.

Please join us and watch your sales sky rocket! You’ll have a great time learning the process of Personality Recognition and Physiognomy recognition techniques that help you build rapport with your clients more rapidly than you ever imagined!

The course includes:

How to recognize the Personality traits of those you meet, within a few short minutes. Whether they are a Driver, Analytical, Amiable or Expressive, you will understand how to communicate with them and increase their comfort with you immediately. You’ll know whether you should talk fast or slow; whether you should get to the bottom line or draw out descriptive illustrations on how you will work together; whether you should give testimonials or avoid them and many more effective techniques.

Through the Physiognomy (facial recognition) you will learn how to recognize which facial traits will lead you to your sale, twice as fast. Everyone’s face tells a story, only you will now know how to interpret that story through the features of each person you talk with.

Typically my clients close 50% more business within the first 6 months of taking this course.

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