Face Reading


This is Jacob from the Office Depot. I had met him a few times before when I would go into the store in San Ramon. I tried to develop a relationship with him, just as I do where ever I frequent. It makes it a lot more interesting when I can have a rapport with the people I do business.

Jacob’s face told me he obviously was mis-matched for the job he has. He is obviously good and sincere with his customer service techniques, always asking “how are you doing today”, “did you find everything okay?” or “was there anything else I could get for you?”

But the shape of his face indicates he would flourish in working with a more logical position such as computer services, building computers, accounting or even research.

Even though he has an aptitude for customer service, he would excel when he is doing a job that uses his innate skills of being logical and methodical about his work.

It’s not to say he doesn’t enjoy his customer service position, but there is a difference between doing well and truly excelling in one’s work.