Face Reading

Sharyn Reading Faces Ted Gange

I met Ted at an Internet Marketing event and during one of the breaks he asked me what I did. I always enjoy talking about the Face Reading techniques and how it can improve someone’s sales skills.

I started off by telling Ted he preferred receiving new information in a logical manner (the flat of his forehead near his eyebrows). He was good at knowing how information affects him long term (bredth of forehead).

Next I mentioned he was a good listener  as well as being adept in equally articulating concepts so others would understand concepts (equal thickness of both upper and bottom lips).

I told him he was good about starting projects, but it was best if he had someone lined up to complete the projects (his hairline being straight across).

His chin tells me he prefers the people tell him the bottom line, what they need or want, what they expect of him, but not to give him the details (the squareness of his chin).

And he makes decisions based on current information not past (the placement of his ears on his head).

He agreed with everything I told him. He was surprised at how accurate I was and was intrigued to know more.