Face Reading

Sharyn Reading Faces Lisa

I attended a trade show in San Ramon when I met Lisa. It was fairly slow so I stopped to talk with her about her business and after she asked me what I do I told her about Physiognomy. Of course she had never head of it so I explained to her that it was an ancient art used by Aristotle.

I told Lisa she enjoyed hearing stories about others, especially when they were stories about successes (the roundness of her nose). She has a broad perspective on life, she is open minded (the breadth of eyes).

She is good at completing projects (the arch of her hair line) and she is very comfortable having people come physically close to her (the distance between her eyes and her eyebrows).

She also prefers not to hear too many details and wants information delivered succinctly (the squareness of her chin).

She agreed with all the details I told her and asked to find out more about how she might learn more about the process.