Quality Control

I have already mentioned the importance of continuing education and keeping up with techniques of all types of sales training.

The second training I participated in was the three day training Continental Airlines produced called Quality Control. First it surprised me that an airline was producing a sales training course and secondly it would be based on Quality Control.

I was anxious to find out what it was all about.

The class started with the typical history of great sales people like Dale Carnegie, Tom Hopkins, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy and many others. What did they have in common and what set them apart from the average sales person?

The relationship building techniques and the follow through were the most often traits found in the big name sales training gurus.

I made a mental note to always keep that in mind.

I found it to be a natural style for me as well. I wasn’t comfortable with what most sales people are known for or thought of “get the deal and run!”

I used the Quality Control training to take a step back and create a check list of all the steps required by the Fortune company I worked with at the time. What made a sale successful and what made it stick? What gave me the highest return of repeat and referral business?

When I was able to identify those areas and remember to use the Quality Control guidelines, my sales sky rocketed.

What can you do to become more successful in your sales process?