Big Ticket Sales

The average sale for the Fortune company I worked for was about $100,00. The low end was $45,000 and the high end was $250,000.

Had I known more about sales, I might not have agreed to move from the service department to their sales department. But since I had no experience in sales, it never occurred to me it might have been better, and far easier, to start off with a lower price point for my first sales position.

Frankly, I had never thought about going into sales until the company offered to train me. And, let to my own devices, I would not have accepted.

The argument was, with as hard as I worked, the more financial reward I would receive being in sales rather than the service side of the business.

When selling the Big Ticket items, there was definitely a process that would make the sale happen faster.

I did research on the company I was prospecting to which wasn’t as easy to do in the 80’s as much as it is currently with the Internet resources. I found out whether the company was growing or decreasing in sales. I found copies of their Annual Report or what their vendors might have to say about them.

My favorite clients were those were working to gain momentum and higher profitability. They had challenges and I had answers.

Do you really know what your clients need and want?