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Recognition of Faces

I just finished an interview with Jerry Myers on Blog Talk Radio which was a blast! I talked about face recognition techniques and was able to read a couple of people live on the interview. I think I truly surprised them!

The main reason you want to learn these techniques is to get to the close faster while building the best rapport with your prospect. When you’re on line using Social Media, it’s more challenging because you can’t make eye contact, react to their body language or engage them using your personality.

That’s why Physiognomy is such a powerful tool! You will be able to look at their picture and know exactly how to read how they process information and deliver your information in the style that makes them the most comfortable. Sales is all about finding out if there is a need, filling the need and knowing that you have the connection with them.

Take the time to build your relationships and always be looking to see how you can help them get more of what they want. It’s one of Zig Ziglar’s most powerful inspirations “Give them what they want and you’ll get want you want!”

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