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Take note if you are trying to work with someone and the outer corner of their eyes are lower than the inner corner.

These people will notice every little detail and pay special attention to the slightest flaw. They are the perfectionist and very unforgiving of anyone who is less so.  They are not content to be the perfectionist on their own but demand everyone else be so as well. They are quick to find fault and criticize other people’s work or point out what might been left undone.

They may appear to be critical but don’t take it to heart. It is just their nature. If you know there are errors, be the first to point them out right away. They will be less forgiving of obvious mistakes or errors they believe should have been caught.

Always remember to double check our work, proposals and presentations prior to showing those with this trait to save yourself from their critical viewpoint.

Friendly Brows

The lower set the eyebrow the friendlier they are.  It makes it much easier for you to know how to approach someone when you know they are naturally friendly individuals.

Your customers and prospects will exhibit a more casual appearance and will be more receptive to listening to you.

You will notice they are the first to reach out for physical contact whether it’s a handshake, a pat on the shoulder or even a business hug.

They have a tendency to move in and out of situations very quickly and they seem to know as quickly what it is they want to purchase.

They get to know people very rapidly and when they tell you they will call you back, you might never hear from them again even though they have the best of intentions.

Don’t not appear to be too casual or informal with these people, as they will not trust anyone who appears to be too friendly too rapidly.

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