I have often caught myself quickly analyzing someone’s face so I will know how to communicate with them more easily. The point being I can help them become more comfortable with me more rapidly. In this day and age of too many people looking to satisfy their own needs rather looking to see how they can build collaborative relationships, it is expected people have become more skeptical than ever before.

I also have more fun talking with people when I know they are more engaged in the conversation. They will end up retaining more of what we are talking about and it will be more likely we will develop a long term relationship. That is what matters to me: making a lasting connection. Even if we don’t end up working with each other, we can develop a great relationship that is fulfilling for the both of us.

I specifically enjoy taking those who are reserved and withdrawn and turn them around to be open and fun. When I can get them to laugh out loud I am even more please with the conversation.

Conversation is an art and communicating with someone you don’t know can be a challenge, but learning how to read someone’s face takes all the challenge out of it.