Face Reading


Jacqueline McCarthy

This was the first day I met Jacqueline. You can tell by her laughter she has a fun loving and outgoing personality.

Jacqueline is very logical as indicated by the flat of her forehead (between her eyebrows and extending upwards). The larger bottom lip proves she is comfortable and very good at speaking especially when she knows and enjoys her topic.

The Philtrum is a bit longer than normal which tells she is very self-confident and comfortable being around others, even strangers.

Jacqueline’s mouth is consider large (the tips of her lips are past the centers of her eyes) and that also shows that she is a good speaker and would do well in any public career.

The long laughter lines indicates a very healthy happy personality. Her chin tells that she is one who appreciates it when others get to the point. She is not one who enjoys hearing all the minute the details.