Face Reading


Veronica Young

I’ve known Veronica for about ten years.

The fleshiness of her face is that of someone who can and should achieve great success.

She recently moved into a sales position during the past four years, but does not enjoy it as much as she did when she was in customer service. She has a logical side to her personality (the flatness of her forehead), so she prefers information to be delivered in a logical order. She would also excel in any career that utilizes logic.

The breadth of her forehead also indicates she takes in the big picture when she has concepts presented to her. She very quickly understands how new information pertains to her.

She enjoys getting physically close to people so she won’t be troubled when people get too close, even if she doesn’t know them. The Philtrum (distance from the nose to the upper lip) is longer than normal, which indicates a strong level of self confidence, but she has not exercised her self-confidence since she moved into her sales position.

Veronica has a larger lower lip which say she is a great at speaking, again, a great trait for a sales person.