Face Reading


Elizabeth is my banker and loves her customer service position. The first thing I notice about her face is the point of her nose. She truly enjoys it when people get to the point of the conversation and gets frustrated easily when people drone on about the details.

She is also a logical person (based on her forehead) and prefers conversations and explanations to have a systematic approach. Elizabeth is very quick to grasp how a concept applies to her (based on the width of her forehead.

She is a very good listener, which works well for her in customer service. And her chin indicates she prefers her days are stable and balanced. She is not one who appreciates days with chaos and changes of plans.

The last third of her face is much larger than the first two thirds of her face (1st is hairline to  eyebrows, 2nd is eyebrows to the tip of the nose and 3rd is from the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin). This is a great trait to have since it shows she will achieve the majority of her success in the last third of her life, after she has learned (2nd) all she can to apply it in the last third.