Face Reading

Sharyn Reading Faces Leslie Lum

Leslie came to one of my business meetings in San Francisco and I was intrigued by her face. She has larger than normal upper and bottom lips which indicates she is both a good listener and a good speaker.

Leslie is a marketing consultant and worked for over 20 years for the San Francisco Examiner. She is articulate and throughly understands what her clients needs are and is able to quickly design a marketing plan for her clients.

Her face is divided into three sections, from the hairline to the eyebrows; from the eyebrows to the tip of her nose and from the tip of her nose to the tip of her chin.

The first third is when someone is learning about their future life work; the second third is when they are learning to apply the knowledge and the bottom third is when the rewards of all the life work is applied.

Leslie’s bottom third of her face is the longest section. This means her rewards in all aspects will be long lived and she will realize prosperity.

Although her nose is not exactly pointed, it is pointed enough that she appreciates it when people get to the point and simplify their communications.