Face Reading

Sharyn Reading Faces Wade

Wade is a salesman for a radio station in Fremont. He has been in sales for more than twenty years and truly enjoys what he does.

Wade however does not enjoy completing projects as well as when he starts them (the straight hair line).

The roundness of the shape of his ears shows he has a music aptitude and the inside roundness of the top of his ears indicates he would be extremely talented. If he doesn’t participate in music, it will hinder him.

He is better at listening (larger bottom lip) and has a Philtrum (area between the nose and upper lip) larger than most which indicates a strong level of self confidence.

The thickness of his eyebrows shows he is steadfast and very focused. But he length of his forehead indicates he has less curiosity about improving his intelligence and more for being around people.

Wade wants people to get to the bottom line and not give him too many details (the squareness of his chin).