The Close

The Close is what most sales people avoid. Their fear of hearing “no” from their prospect keeps them from asking for the business. When you use Trial Closes along the way you’ll diminish your aprehensive. The test close gives you the ability to test the water rather than asking for the order before you know whether they are ready to make a decision or not.
There are three typical Trial Closes:
1. The Opening – “Is this where you’d place the system?”
2. The Trade Off – “Would you want A or B?”
3. The Progressive – “Would you want to start with . . .”
You can use The Puppy Dog Close, “take it home” use it for awhile. It’s hard for people to return something they have found useful.
The Ben Franklin or Decision Making Technique is where you list all the reasons they should buy from you on the left and the reasons they shouldn’t on the right. Just be sure you have a lot more items on the left than on the right.
The Order Sheet Close is where you fill out all the details on your order form or agreement, fill in their name and address and ask if it is correct then simply hand it to them with a pen for them to sign.