The Empowered Sales Person

I remind myself to be grateful when someone decides not to work with me. I know they would have ended up being the wrong fit for me and probably more work than the relationship should require. You know you have clients like that and most people willingly put up with them because of the money they’re willing to pay. I always advise my clients to fire at least one client a year just to make sure they keep in mind who their ideal clients should be. When someone doesn’t return calls, do what they promise to do then fire them.

You will find you can work with three great clients in the same amount of time it takes you to work with one who doesn’t respect your time or knowledge. So, why put yourself in the position of being subjected to client abuse? It’s very empowering to fire a client.

When you sit down with your prospect for an in depth interview, be sure you know how much time to allocate for the process and let them know the amount of time you’ll be needing. Then stick to it. If you find that you’re going to need additional time, ask them if they are able to extend your appointment or schedule an additional time to complete the process of the Interview.