Know Your Nose

You must have noticed, there are noses and then there are noses!

The ski jump nose is well know to be a trusting personality. They will be on your side before you’ve finished telling them what you do.

The flip side of noses is the downturn nose which is far more typical Those who have this trait might become suspicious if you happen to use more than two or three testimonials or client stories. They want hard evidence and won’tĀ appreciate being told others’ stories. You’ll have to work a little harder to gain their trust.

The broad base nose is one who appreciate the big picture. They will want to know the long term effect or what is the relationship going to involve five steps from now.

The pointed nose tells you to get to the point. Do not waste their time with the details, just get to the bottom line, quickly.

There are many noses and many ways to talk with each one. You’ll love getting to Know your Noses!