Chin Power

The chin is a very revealing feature. You will be able to identify whether a person needs you to get to the point, put everything out on the table, keep the conversation on an even keel or whether you should take the time to build the relationship prior to talking about doing business together.

People with square chins are square shooters. They have a tendency to tell it like the see it, so you should speak the same way to them. Never avoid answering their questions and always do what you tell them you’ll do. Although it’s always a good practice to under promise and over deliver, this chin trait might demand it if you have intentions of doing business with them.

The pointed chin will always appreciate it if you get to the point. Don’t ever go into detail about how you’re going to work together. Let them lead to the point while gently tell them the facts.

When someone has a rounded chin, keep the conversation on an even keel. These people typically hate conflict and truly enjoy a friendly conversation. Once you’ve established a great rapport they will be more likely to do business with you because they enjoy your relationship.