The Eyes Have It!

The eyes are the connection to the soul . . . at least they are evidence of how you might learn to connect with someone you can only see their picture on Social Media.

When you meet someone whose eyes are Close-Set, the space between the eyes is less than the width of the eye, they are not as tolerant as most others. You’d be wise to get to the point of your conversation very rapidly. If you try to go on and on with the details, you’ll loose the relationship before it ever gets started.

Do not start in “pitching them” on your product or service. You’ll never gain their confidence. Make sure they have the time to talk with you and are 100% in tune with the conversation.

If they happen to expect one thing and you deliver another, they will find it difficult to get back on track with you. ┬áDon’t be taken back when they might become intense if they’re not on the same page as you. Just regroup and find out more about what they might need.