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Ears tell a great deal about a person. Look to see if your ears are round at the top and the inside of the ear is also round at the top. If that’s the case, you’ve got built in music talent. If you enjoy playing music, this is one of the reasons why. You have more aptitude than most. You’ll also find that if you don’t participate with music in some way, you’ll begin to feel frustrated.

When someone’s ears are farther back on their head than mid-line, they make decisions based on current information. When the ears are more forward on the head they will typically make decisions based on information or their experiences from the past.

You’ll want to look to see your prospects ear placement so you’ll know how to position your information.

Physiognomy for Social Media

Physiognomy is the art of reading facial traits. Imagine looking at someone’s picture on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other Social Media site and knowing immediately how to talk with them. Do you talk fast, slow, logically, with detailed descriptions, do you ask a lot of questions or get to the point rapidly?

The Art of Physiognomy is the fastest method of learning how to communicate with someone the first time you see their picture or meet them in person.

If it takes you 5-6 times to meet a client to get to the close and 7-8 prospects to get a sale, imagine reducing your numbers by 50%!

You’ll make twice as much in the same amount of time!

I stumbled onto this concept in 1997 and have been fascinated with the results. I began teaching the basics to entrepreneurs in 2000 and have been able to have them increase their sales from 50 to 1200% within a 2 year time period.

Now it’s your turn!

You’ll find this to be more fun that what you have been doing and the most productive means of selling you’ll ever apply.

I look forward to working with you and making 2010 your best year ever!

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