Noses are for Roses

Who would have thought a nose could speak so much about character and the nature of how they needed to be talked with.

For instance, a round nose indicates a person needs to to hear stories that are engaging. Concepts about others who have been successful are the best stories for them. They enjoy laughter and congenial conversations.

On the other hand, someone who has a pointed nose only wants to get to the point, ever to linger on the detail. They want to move quickly to the potential outcome and not linger on how to get to the point but rather arrive at the point of the conclusion.

A nose which is upturned suggests someone who is very trusting. They want to believe in people and ideas. The enjoy being a part of something positive and productive.

There are those who have a straight edge at the end of their nose. Pay attention to details with these folks. They want to get to the main event with little distraction.