One of the strongest features on one’s face is their foreheads. Most have never contemplated the vast knowledge of information you may discover just by looking at someone’s forehead.

Not everyone is logical, a forehead which is flat at the brow indicates someone who is extremely logical. These type of people may reason through the largest challenges with extreme clarity. They are who you may trust to see through the most difficult situations.

You might find you have a very broad forehead which would suggest you have the ability to see the big picture. When there is an new event in the making you will be one of the first to see how best to proceed and make it the biggest and best event possible. You have an uncanny ability to see the big picture before others even know what the picture comprises.

You might have a client whose forehead slants back at an angle towards their hairline. They would jump to the outcome of any event very quickly.  These people will always understand the importance of getting the broadest concepts very rapidly.