Reading Susan McGuire

Reading Susan McGUire

Susan is a person who enjoys information presented to her in a logical manner. The flat area on her forehead indicates she is more apt to receive information more comfortably when it is in order.

The length of her nose shows she has an in depth understanding of topics that interest her and she also enjoys hearing stories of success especially when they involve something she is particularly interested in.

The breadth of her mouth (reaching near the center of her eyes) shows she keeps a very broad perspective. She is not narrow minded and will have a greater understanding of concepts.

The roundness of her chin tells that she needs to have her days balanced and without conflict. She will have a tendency to avoid conflict, so make sure you provide options for Susan that will make her easy to make decisions.

The shape of her hairline at her forehead also indicates she is the person to count on when you want a project seen to completion.