Face Reading


I’ll start with Jim’s forehead. The curvature of her forehead shows she is good at completing projects. The breadth of her forehead indicates she is very good at understanding how a concept, business or relationship can apply to him on a long term basis.

Her nose is broader than normal which  shows she has a greater perspective than most about the details of most concepts. and the evenness of the tip of his nose makes her interested in stories of others. It’s a great trait for a business owner.

Her upper lip is smaller than her lower lip which will make her a great listener.

She has a squared off chin and needs to have people get to the bottom line sparing her the details of what they want her to know.

She is one of the people who don’t mind close physical contact early on in a relationship. If a complete stranger were to put their arm around her, it would disturb her in the least.