Facial Recognition

Until Sunday I didn’t know there were more than one techniques to use facial recognition.

I went to an event in San Francisco put on by Joey Yap who is an Internationally recognized speaker and Feng Shui specialist.

Reading faces is an amazing way of minimizing the differences between people and building a rapport with people when you first meet them.

I was born in the year of the Tiger. This year I am to stay focused as this is to be a good year for my career and professional development. There will be people who try to make your job a little harder but there will also be those who can help my progress to further my goals.

As far as wealth, opportunities for extra income are abound for those working for people and as a self-employed Tiger there will be plentyof fresh ideas that will help increase wealth.

When it comes to relationships, Single Tigers may be surprised to find love with someone closer to home and Married Tigers need to take caution as they may find attention and interest from other parties that will cause series issues in your marriage.

It is necessary to pay attention to Health issues this year and simple steps like watching your diet can go a long way.