When there is an extra amount of skin exposed on the eyelids, these individuals will really appreciate it when you get to the point. When you give them too many details or keep talking too long, they will interrupt you. Alway get to the bottom line quickly to stay on their good side.

When you are talking with them over the phone, they will sound as though ¬†they are in a hurry or don’t have the time to talk.

They are more interested in the bottom line: what will it take, how long, what will it cost rather than the details of how it will happen. So avoid long discussions.

Combine this trait with a slant back forehead they will be anxious to jump right into the project with both feet.

Don’t worry about them cutting you off, just remember they expect you to talk less and get started quickly.

Always have your facts ready and before you take the the leap towards asking them to do business with you.