Have you ever noticed people’s eyebrows? Some are close together, some long, some angled and some are very high above their eyes.

The higher set eyebrow shows that someone is more likely to be selective. They typically don’t like anyone getting too close to their physical space until after they get to know you better. They will be more inclined to be more formal in their business relationships.

First you’ll want to be a bit more business like when you begin to talk with them. It’s find to shake their hand but then step back to allow them their own space. Be sure to avoid other physical contact such as hugging, placing your hand on their shoulder or touching in any manner until they have done so.

The will be very selective in who they choose to do business with and in making a decision to work with you. They will not be satisfied with status quo if want they truly want something that isn’t not available.

Never appear to be too overly friendly and follow their lead when it comes to develop