I’m at the Braveheart Women’s Rise conference in Los Angeles and I have been having a blast! I have been reading people’s faces for three days now and now people are bring others into my booth so they can have their faces read.

It is so much fun to share with people how they can learn to talk with people and be completely comfortable from the very first time they meet. It always amazes me that people are just as nervous as I am when it comes to meeting new people. This skill will make it possible for anyone to learn how to remove the barriers of being a stranger within just a few short minutes.

The process to learn how to read faces is not very difficult. I usually start people off with one trait at a time. The nose is a classic indicator of basic personality traits. The rounded end nose tells me they are people who enjoy others and love to hear stories about other’s successes. If someone has a pointed nose they prefer when people get to the point. Sometimes so much so they’ll even say what they think the other person wants to hear just to speed up the conversation. When the end of a nose is upturned, they are very trusting individuals who will give you the benefit of the doubt. The wider the nose the more communicative they will be, especially when they are interested in what they are talking about.

There are many other traits about the nose that will become important, but begin with those few traits first and master them before you move on to they next concepts.