Getting to the Close

By now you know how enthused I am about the communication skill of Physiognomy. It has been a major skill set which has helped me build rapport with a complete stranger faster than knowing people six months.

This week I met Patrick Wong for the first time, even though I had been talking with him for about three months. I carry my Flip Video camera with me everywhere I go. I asked Patrick to say his name on camera and then I began to tell him how he was comfortable communicating. He said I was three for three on my analysis. You can look at his video on the Video tab.

Imagine meeting Patrick and knowing that he prefers to hear testimonials before he’ll engage in doing business with someone new. He has an analytical portion to his personality and wants the information presented in a logical order. He also makes decisions based on current information rather than his previous experience.

Knowing this about Patrick helps me get to closing, or having him sign up for membership in Elite Leads. I’ve had my clients end up closing two out of every three prospects after taking this course, increasing their income between 25 and 50% within six months.