My What Big Eyes You Have

People who have large irises will often make decisions and purchases based on their emotions. So, you don’t want to take the time to explain the logic of what it is you are talking about. The more you appeal to their emotional instincts, the more likely they are going to end up working with you. If they also have a ski jump nose and fine hair their emotional reaction will be even more prominent. These traits lead people to feel and experience emotions very deeply and they will typically take on other’s problems. They will often react after the fact as though they’re emotionally and physically drained. Be cautious on how emotionally involved you encourage them to become. Since they are very trusting, you’ll want to avoid giving more than a couple of testimonials as they will begin to doubt your trustworthiness otherwise. They make excellent loyal clients as well as friends. You’ll be able to count on them in a pinch.